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Gels Pads for WiTouch PRO TENS Unit, Aleve Direct Therapy, WiTouch, Neubac

3 pair of Gel Pads per resealable package


HSA and FSA eligable


WiTouch PRO Gel Pads - 3 pair *Aleve Direct Therapy gel replacement

SKU: 10.1550
  • Do Keep your replaceable covering (light green plastic film) for recovering the gel when device is not in use.


    Do not use water or gel additives such as Tensive to re-wet the gel pads. This will not allow the device to properly ahere to your body and could cause damage to the device.


    Do check the best if use by date on the gel package. Discard any gel that is past this date.


  • Hollywog Gel is patented and the only gel approved to be used with WiTouch Pro, Aleve Direct Therapy, and other Hollywog licensed products. Any other gel or additives will void warranty of the device and is not approved by FDA to be used with WiTouch Pro or Aleve Direct Therapy.