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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

  • What is TENS?

    TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a non-invasive, drug free method of controlling pain by the transmission of electrical stimulation to the body's nerve or muscle fibers through the skin. Pain relief is achieved by suppressing the transmission of pain in nerves (Gate Control Theory) and increasing the discharge of the body's endorphins, which reduces the sensitivity to pain in the central nervous system (Opiate Release Theory). WiTouch®/Neubac®'s exclusive and patented waveform incorporates BOTH clinical theories of TENS to provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief. The WiTouch®/Neubac® provides a safe, easy to apply, medically approved pain management system for self-treatment when needed. The WiTouch®/Neubac® Product is perfect for those with chronic low back pain.

  • How do the WiTouch®/Neubac® Products provide pain relief?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products utilizes TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, which is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling pain by the transmission of electrical stimulation to the body’s nerve or muscle fibers through the skin. It may sound complicated but the function of TENS is really pretty simple. It works by suppressing pain signals being sent to the brain from the muscle and nerve fibers.

  • How soon will I feel pain relief?

    Results are dependent on many factors, however you may feel immediate relief as soon as you start the device, and you may feel pain relief as long as 3-4 hours after use.

  • Who can use the WiTouch®/Neubac® Products?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products can be used by anyone in need of back pain relief from young adult to retirement age. It is to be used by adults only. Keep out of reach of children. WiTouch®/Neubac® is intended for use on the otherwise healthy back that is sore and aching. Do not apply the WiTouch®/Neubac® Product to any other body area except the back; do not apply to swollen, infected or inflamed areas of skin eruptions. Please see your doctor about using WiTouch®/Neubac® Products if you've recently suffered from an acute trauma or fracture or following recent surgery. DO NOT use WiTouch®/Neubac® Products if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or any other implanted metallic or electronic device. Consult with your doctor before using WiTouch®/Neubac® Products If you are in the care of a doctor or if you have had medical or physical treatment for your back pain.

  • Can I use WiTouch®/Neubac® Products if I am pregnant?

    No. The safety of nerve stimulation has not been established during pregnancy; therefore do not use this device if you are pregnant, or suspect that you are pregnant.

  • Can I wear my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product while sleeping?

    No, WiTouch®/Neubac® Products should not be worn while sleeping.

  • Can I wear my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product while driving?

    No, WiTouch®/Neubac® Product should not be worn while driving, operating heavy machinery or any other activity in which electrical stimulation can put you at risk of injury.

  • Can I use WiTouch®/Neubac® Products when I am working?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products can be worn at home or at the office, but it should not be worn in work settings in which heavy machinery is operated or any situation in which electrical stimulation can put you at risk of injury. WiTouch®/Neubac® Products should not be worn during strenuous physical activity as this may affect the proper adhesion of the device.

  • How long can I wear my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products can be worn all day. The device does not have to be removed between stimulation treatments.

  • Can I use the WiTouch®/Neubac® Products on another body area besides my back?

    No, WiTouch® Products are designed specifically for the treatment of back pain. WiTouch® Product were designed to specifically fit the back and will not fit other body areas to allow performance. WiTouch®Products can be used on the lower back areas.

  • Can I use the WiTouch®/Neubac® Products in hot and humid conditions?

    Hot and humid conditions can affect the adhesion properties of the WiTouch®/Neubac® Product gel pads, so care should be taken in such conditions. Heat and humidity will not affect the operation of the device.

  • Can I share my WiTouch®/Neubac® Products with someone else?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Product gel pads are single person use and should not be shared between people. The WiTouch®/Neubac® devices can be used by other people with proper cleaning of the device and new gel pads applied.

  • How do I know when to replace the Gel Pads?

    If you notice the WiTouch®/Neubac® Product is losing its ability to stick to the body, it is time to replace the gel pads. The gel should be replaced on your WiTouch®/Neubac® Product when the adhesion diminishes. This will vary person to person and depending upon skin preparation, but 3-5 applications is typical.

  • Why are my gel pads not sticking?

    Gel pads will stick effectively for 3-5 applications on average. The number of applications depends on skin preparation and skin type. Excessive oil, moisturizers and perspiration will affect the gel pads’ ability to adhere properly. You should always clean the treatment area with soap and water before applying your WiTouch®/Neubac®to ensure optimal adhesion.

  • How many times can I use the gel pads?

    The number of uses you can obtain from gel pads will vary, primarily due to skin preparation. Each time WiTouch®/Neubac® Product is removed from the back, dead skin cells are also removed and adhered to the gel pads. Over time, the accumulation of this “skin cell debris” diminishes the gel pads’ ability to adhere. Insufficient skin preparation will also affect gel pad adhesion.

  • Do I have to use the Gel pads?

    Yes, the WiTouch®/Neubac® devices can ONLY be used with the gel pads designed specifically for WiTouch®/Neubac® Products. Attempted use of WiTouch®/Neubac® Products without WiTouch®/Neubac® Gel Pads can result in skin irritation or burns.

  • My WiTouch®/Neubac® Product is not working when I press the remote.

    The main device may be OFF and should be turned ON or your AAA batteries may be dead or inserted incorrectly. If you receive yellow blinks on the remote when the START button is pressed, the remote control is not able to communicate with the device. Note the main unit automatically shuts OFF after 2 hours of inactivity.

  • Why is the LED blinking yellow?

    Change your batteries. The blinking yellow indicates low battery.

  • What if I lose my remote control?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products cannot be operated without the remote control, so you will need to order a replacement remote control by ordering in the WiTouch®/Neubac® online store or calling WiTouch®/Neubac® Customer Service. You will need to provide the serial number of your WiTouch®/Neubac® Product, which can be found on your WiTouch®/Neubac® Product storage box or inside the WiTouch®/Neubac® Product battery compartment underneath the AAA batteries.

  • What kind of batteries does my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product use?

    The WiTouch device uses (2) AAA batteries. The remote control uses (1) CR2032 lithium coin battery.

  • How often do I have to change the batteries in my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product and remote?

    The 2 AAA batteries in the WiTouch®/Neubac® device will last for approximately 150 treatments, depending on the intensity. The remote control CR2032 battery life is dependent upon frequency of use and may last approximately up to 6 months.

  • How do I change the battery in my remote control?

    To replace the battery, locate the slot on the lower right corner of the remote control. Use the enclosed screwdriver tool or a coin to open the remote battery cover at the slot. Use the screwdriver to push the CR2032 battery out of the battery holder. Insert a new CR2032 battery into the battery holder with the + side of the battery facing upward. Replace the remote battery cover and snap together to close.

  • How do I clean my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products should be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. All soap residue must be removed before use. DO NOT submerge or immerse the device in water or other liquids as it will damage the device.

  • How do I store my WiTouch®/Neubac® Product?

    WiTouch®/Neubac® Products should be stored in the storage box included with your device. If the device is being stored for a short time between uses and the gel pads are still applied to the device, the green protective liners should be applied to the gel pads before storage. If the device will be stored for a long period of time, the 2 AAA batteries should be removed from the main device.